Day 43 - Silicon Valley

My dad flew in to visit so he’s staying at my place for two nights. Had some calls in the morning. That afternoon we had a workshop with a few lawyers, it confirmed how much I despise law. Afterwards I had dinner with my father and grandparents at a nice Italian place in Palo Alto. When we were done we all went to the Silicon Valley New Tech meetup. I had the opportunity to demo MySchoolHelp and made some amazing connections.

Day 35 - Silicon Valley

As always it was a great feeling arriving back in Mountain View after an amazing weekend. Caught up on a bunch of things on my list that I’ve been pushing off. Around 3:30 a mentor came by to chat and share his story. Essentially, he started college at age 12 and decided to drop out of his neuroscience Ph.D. program at age 19 in order to work on a startup. Right after I hitched a ride to Robert Scoble’s house with a few friends from the incubator. He’s an exceptionally busy guy but after tweeting him a few times I was able to set up a time to meet him. We arrived at his house in Half Moon Bay and hung out in his office. We then did a video interview which he’ll hopefully post in the next few weeks. Afterwards we had a nice celebration dinner at the Ritz Carleton. It was an incredibly classy restaurant situated right near the beach.


What a view

Day 28 - Silicon Valley

Went on a tour of San Francisco with my family today. I had a friend with me which made it more entertaining. We visited many of the “touristy” places in the city and at the end of the day we drove to Mountain View to have dinner at the only kosher meat restaurant in the area. It was a nice dinner with a bunch of cousins from other sides of the family.


View in San Francisco

Day 25 - Silicon Valley

I wish time wasn’t flying by so quickly. I would have no problem staying here for another few years or even longer. Today was a work filled day, accomplished so much. At seven I took the train to downtown Palo Alto for dinner. Turns out the train didn’t stop where I needed to go so I went one station too far and I was already late. I biked back parallel to the tracks as fast as I could and made it to the restaurant only ten minutes late. Dinner was at Crepevine with a friend from the incubator and two students from Singapore who are on an exchange program at Stanford. We were there for about two hours and then I biked back home. Tomorrow I’ll be missing a day at the incubator to go hang out with a friend for the day in San Francisco.